Cook authentic food: but what does it really mean? What is the idea behind this site? We could say: cook authentic food. Authentic is our keyword, real food not counterfeit, fresh food. A food can be fresh due to its ingredients just bought at the market and precisely for this reason with an immense variety but above all that it follows the seasons. Or since we live in a global unity our cuisine could also be authentic because we can use ingredients that come from far away.

But even more importantly for us, the cuisine is authentic when it follows the recipes of the territories from which they come. Yes, because often, the recipes people from abroad consider authentic are not. A good example is Italian cuisine: pasta alfredo or meatball spaghetti or even worse, pasta with chicken are not Authentic Italian recipes and food. Nothing is wrong if you like to eat these dishes, but you have to know they’re not Italian food, and if you want an authentic Italian experience, the recipes you have to cook are different.

Food is an important part of our life experience and allows you not only to delight your palate but also to learn more about the area of ​​origin, to take a real journey through flavors and places linked to these recipes. This is why in our recipes, we not only explain the preparation process but also describe the place of origin. In this way, you not only prepare your palate to savor the recipe dish but also prepare your mind.

On the other hand, our passion is not only our cuisine but also travel and I would say the 2 things match perfectly. It will surely happen to you too when you go on holiday or visit a place to come home and tell how your trip went. Do you only tell about the places you visited? Probably many times you also tell where and what you ate precisely because it is part of the pleasure, it is part of the discovery, it is part of the place where you are and it is part of your experience.

Of course, the word cooking perhaps scares some people because we are used to, or rather, the world we live in, accustomed us to relying on ready-made foods already cooked by others, perhaps by large industries. So why think about cooking authentic food at home? As I told you before about the origin and freshness of these foods but let’s not forget the pleasure of cooking for ourselves and for our family or friends, creating this connection between us and the food but also between the food we prepare and our guests .

Pampering our guests, making them feel loved and preparing carefully prepared foods using high quality foods, well I can say that all this is priceless and above all the work involved in cooking ourselves personally, this effort is rewarded when we are at the table. With this blog Ilaria and I, aunt Claudia, therefore launch this challenge to you, look for these authentic foods and then together prepare delights in your kitchen, regional Italian recipes but not only. We will try to find international recipes that we generally enjoy when we visit foreign countries, but due to their simplicity we can also prepare them at home and this will make us feel even more satisfied or make us spend an evening as if we were on holiday. Isn’t the kitchen the heart, the center of our home? We are therefore waiting for you… appointment at the stove.

Bon appetit from Ila & Zia Clà

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